7 Tips for How Not to Get Fired at This Year’s Christmas Party

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With Christmas just around the corner, office parties are almost here. And with them come all the usual anxieties about how to avoid making a fool of yourself and ensuring you don’t get fired for things you may or may not have done last year. That being said, office parties are a great opportunity to let your hair down, enjoy some time with colleagues outside of work, and maybe even make some new friends. So if you want to still be employed after this year’s Christmas party, read on for our top tips on how not to get fired at this year’s office party…

Don’t drink excessively

As we say at the start of every office party article, don’t drink excessively. While we’re not trying to police what adults decide to put in their bodies, office parties are different from regular nights out. For one, you’re probably going to be around people you work with, many of whom you may have to work with again after the party is over. So, don’t overindulge, and try to ensure you’re not the one who ends up getting the whole office in trouble. Beyond this, excessive drinking can also put you at risk of saying something you might regret while under the influence. And while we all make mistakes in life, and we don’t expect you to be perfect, that’s an unnecessary risk to take. At the same time, don’t try to restrain yourself too much either. It’s a party, and it’s Christmas. Have a drink or two, and just be sensible about how many you have.

Go with a friend

If you’re attending the Christmas party with colleagues you barely know, you’re probably going to feel a bit out of place and awkward. This can lead to you potentially doing something you’ll regret, or going home early and missing out on some of the festive fun. If you attend with a friend, you’ll have someone to hang out with, talk to, and generally have a good time with. They’ll be able to help you break the ice, and if you get too drunk, they can help you home safely, and ensure you don’t do anything that you might regret. At the same time, if you don’t know anyone at all, stay away from the boss’s partner, and don’t try to force conversation with people who clearly want to be left alone.

Wear something that’s comfortable

Dress appropriately for the party, and make sure whatever you’re wearing is comfortable. You don’t want to be worrying about how you look, or if your clothes are too tight and restricting your movement too much. And at the same time, don’t go to the other extreme and wear something too baggy and shapeless that makes you look ridiculous. Beyond the clothes you’re wearing though, be sure to wear comfortable shoes as well. You don’t want to be standing around all night in shoes that are too tight, or that cause you pain. If possible, wear shoes that you can also walk home in as well, just in case you don’t end up staying the whole night.

Stay away from the boss’s partner

If the boss’s partner is attending the party, stay away from them as much as possible. They may be your boss’s partner, but that doesn’t mean you should be talking to them. At the same time, don’t be rude to them either, and if they try to talk to you, be polite, but brief, and move away quickly. If you can, avoid the boss’s partner like the plague throughout the party. If they catch you in conversation with them, quickly break off the conversation and walk away. Don’t linger, and make sure they aren’t the last person you talk to of the night. If they are, make sure you end the conversation as soon as possible, and don’t say anything you might regret.

Find out what food will be served before you arrive

Knowing what food is being served at the party can help you decide what to eat and drink. If you’re not sure what will be there, make sure you have snacks with you, or visit the grocery store before you head to the party. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach, and you’ll stay hydrated better, and be less likely to make a fool of yourself. If you know they’re serving alcohol at the party, make sure you drink water in between alcoholic beverages, even if you don’t feel like you need to. This will help you avoid getting too drunk, and you can always make another trip to the bar if you need another drink later.

Don’t hook up with someone you work with

For many reasons, this is a bad idea. For one, it can lead to awkwardness between you and the person you end up hooking up with. If you have to work with them again after the party, you’ll have to find a way to interact with them without it being weird. Don’t do anything you might regret, and don’t do anything you might end up regretting in the future. At the same time, if the party is a bit wild, and someone offers to hook up with you, politely decline. You don’t know what they might be carrying, or what they’ve done before or after they came to the party.

Don’t get in a fight

If things get out of hand at the party, do your best to avoid being in the middle of a fight. If things look like they’re going to get violent, either walk away, or be the one who tries to calm things down. If you’re the one who everyone is trying to hit, you could very well end up getting fired from your job, especially if you start throwing punches back. At the same time, if someone starts a fight with you, and you’re not the one who instigated the fight, walk away. Avoiding a fight is always the best idea, and you don’t want to get fired for something so stupid.

Summing up

As we say at the start of every office party article, don’t drink excessively, go with a friend, wear something that’s comfortable, stay away from the boss’s partner, find out what food will be served before you arrive, and don’t get in a fight. With these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy the Christmas party, and come back to work in the New Year without any regrets. At the same time, the Christmas party is a bit more relaxed than a regular work party. This means you can let your hair down a little, and enjoy the festive fun a little more than normal. Be sure to socialize with people you don’t normally talk to, and have a good time.

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