How to Build a Successful Reseller Recruitment Programme

We define a channel partner programme as a strategy to motivate and engage channel partners to create more value for customers (Daniel Nilsson). Creating a successful channel partner programme can be difficult and time-consuming. The world of reseller marketing programmes is not the same as traditional marketing programs. Even though the structure is similar, the techniques and strategies are drastically different. In fact, the entire process of creating a successful reseller recruitment program can take as much as three years before you can even see results. However, when implemented correctly, reseller programmes allow brands to reach new markets, increase brand awareness, and increase revenue, with no up-front costs.

The aim of reseller programmes is to build a comprehensive list of customers and distributors that you can depend on for ongoing sales and promotions. With this being said, it’s important you choose the right partners. To make an educated decision on your partner selection, you need to know your customers, everything about them. Develop user personas, carry audience analysis, establish their pains and needs and scope out their purchasing journey. Once you know this, you can decide what you want in a partner and how they would benefit you, but also how you would benefit them and whether their prime market is a new market you’d like to reach (Jessica Huhn, 2020). You must consider the partner, and whether you require:

  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Agents
  • Affiliates

Once you’ve considered the above points, you can scope out a strategy that ensures your partners’ marketing campaigns are relevant and tailored around their target audience’s needs. Ensure the right partners are promoting the right products to the right audience on the right channels with the right messages. Once this has been established, you can reach out to your chosen partners and form a channel partner agreement.

The next element of a successful reseller recruiting programme is a detailed training programme. There are many resellers who do not take this step and become disappointed by their lack of results. The training should incorporate learning about common problems that customers have and how to fix them. You should provide technical training and sales training. If you share your expertise, then your partners will see that you care about them enough to give them the benefit of your experience and knowledge. You will build a strong relationship with them which is the backbone of building a successful reseller recruitment programme and generate ROI.

Often, there isn’t a solution to easily track, analyse or report on the usage of the reseller’s material and efforts. This lack of insight and data means neither of you can accurately understand how successful the partnership is, and how to optimise in order to grow your partnership.

You must define metrics that will be tracked to define the success of your partnership. Define the metrics that are important to you, and request reports on these metrics. Suggest marketing platforms or tools that provide easy access to those important metrics. A partner scoring system, based on all metrics that are important to your business, will give you actionable insights that should drive business decisions and allow you to forecast ROI

To conclude, building a successful reseller recruitment programme means investing time into your partnerships. Motivate your partners by offering them incentives that are valuable to them, openly communicate with them and show them you care about their needs, as well as yours. Help them set up their campaigns, provide training and suggest mar-tech tools that will allow them to easily track their performance and close deals. Measure their success, and learn from data that helps you to optimise areas of the relationship and sales process, and understand your audience. Get these elements right, and expect dramatic results from your reseller recruitment programme. A professional reseller programme can help you achieve all of your goals and more.

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