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5 Signs of a Bad Sales Person: How to Spot One Before You Hire Them

The sales world is unlike any other. In a job where only 1 in 10 professionals are able to stay employed, the competition to be one of those successful individuals can be cutthroat. When you’re hiring new staff, or have the potential to bring on new employees, it’s critical you make informed decisions that won’t leave your organization in a weakened state. Even if they seem like an ideal candidate on paper, there could be warning signs that reveal a person isn’t suitable for the role as your company’s sales representative. Whether you are interviewing candidates for an entry-level sales position or hiring a VP of Sales, it’s important to know if someone won’t be able to grow with your company before extending them an offer letter.

Why Improving Sales Team Mental Health Leads to More Sales

In the new age of work, the ability to adapt and respond to change is becoming a key differentiator for businesses. With that being said, no group feels this pressure more than sales teams. In order to thrive in this new environment, sales teams must be as mentally strong as they are technically skilled. The impact of sales team mental health on performance is real — and there are many examples of companies that succeed when their reps are happy and healthy. Sales team mental health directly impacts productivity, communication, collaboration, and much more. This article will explore why improving the mental health of your sales team leads to an increase in sales.