Using a Marketing Automation System to Generate Leads

We are all looking for more ways to expand our business and generate more revenue and leads. Relying on digital technologies to do so has become more popular since marketing automation tools have been developed. Using a marketing automation stack is crucial for your business and the key to improving lead management and company growth (Mandy McEwen).

Marketing automation involves using software to manage repetitive tasks you’re currently managing yourself – email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns (HubSpot). The technology of automation makes these tasks easier for marketing departments and reduces time investment – not just for efficiency, but to provide a more personalised experience for your customers. Modern marketing has evolved and targeted traffic is the key to successful marketing campaigns. Marketing automation tools simply give us the helping hand we all need; optimise processes; save valuable time; capture prospect information; personalise content, and generate leads quickly.

To attract and engage customers in increasingly personal ways, companies can utilise Martech tools. Marketing automation tools help to align the sales and marketing processes and even helps to provide clarity on which leads are sales qualified, and which leads are marketing qualified. It does this by allowing sales and marketing to agree what particular activity or sales stage should be used to define a lead that is ‘sales ready’ (Jumplead). Each consumer touchpoint, how they interact with your brand, and what they do next all need to analysed and reported on if you are to learn from your campaigns and create repeatable processes that attract, convert and nurture prospects. There are a suite of tools and software than can be used for create a systematic process to generate and qualify leads over time (Jumplead).

Some companies have complex MarTech stacks, while others rely on the essentials. Some of the essential tools give you the opportunity to take your sales to the next level and improve your lead generation (Mandy McEwen). We’ve listed some below:

  1. Data Architecture – You need to begin with a reliable list of prospects. Many businesses may purchase data and use marketing automation to nurture them. However, the best marketing automation tools will pull contacts from prospects that have already engaged with your social media, content, contact forms, PPC ads and emails. This organic process means you are more likely to create long term relationships with meaningful prospects
  • Landing pages target your marketing messages to a specific audience, and provide a creative way to connect with them without other distractions. It’s important to include custom contact forms to capture prospect information.
  • Email Drip Campaigns – This involves sending a series of auto-responder messages on a schedule to prospects repeatedly over longer periods of time. The goal is to acquire customers and nurture prospects or leads through the marketing funnel. You can use dynamic content make the emails even more personal

  • A/B Testing – This is a great way to find out what works best to generate your leads. A/B testing allows you to create two versions of the same landing page, display ad or email, and test the results with a segment of your audience. You can test out different variations of subject lines, content, times of day etc to then calculate what works successfully..

For marketing professionals, automation offers new and exciting opportunities for an enhanced customer experience with greater efficiency (Digital Marketing Institute). Marketing automation can seem a little daunting, but it’s something more companies are getting on board with, so you should too! With the right advice, automation can provide you with more leads, conversations, and sales – all with less work (Digital Marketing Institute). So what’s stopping you?

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Joe Allen

Joe has vast experience and knowledge accumulated and honed as a New Business Development Manager and Relationship Manager. Presently the Director at Belu Media.

Responsible for generating new business clients, looking after existing clients, sourcing new ventures and managing the company.

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