The B2B & B2C Convergence

How B2B Organisations are Using Next Generation Technology Initiatives to Drive Growth

Today, data is transforming the world in a way that was never imagined until the 21st century. The enabling technologies, such as internet, cloud computing, data storage, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, all became widely available at the beginning of this century. The convergence and acceleration of these technologies has led to remarkable improvements in data storage and analytics. The trend of continuous innovation revolutionised every field of life, and our world is becoming extremely connected and increasingly digitalised. All of these factors have enormously increased the use, value, and availability of data.

As a digital marketing agency working with B2B companies, we have recognised that the growing complexity of B2B buying decisions has meant that organisations are showing increasing interest into the user experience, and are now required to adopt marketing techniques that were previously associated with B2C organisations, to engage with B2B audiences. This data driven style of marketing allows B2B organisations to connect with customers in ways they’ve not previously been concerned with, gain insight into the buying behaviour of decision makers, and optimise their customer journeys.

Discover in our whitepaper:

  • How organisations collect data and develop databases
  • The importance of data-driven marketing and the criteria for success
  • How B2B organisations are using next-generation data technology initiatives to drive growth
  • How to manage and store complex data