Why Improving Sales Team Mental Health Leads to More Sales

In the new age of work, the ability to adapt and respond to change is becoming a key differentiator for businesses. With that being said, no group feels this pressure more than sales teams. In order to thrive in this new environment, sales teams must be as mentally strong as they are technically skilled. The impact of sales team mental health on performance is real — and there are many examples of companies that succeed when their reps are happy and healthy. Sales team mental health directly impacts productivity, communication, collaboration, and much more. This article will explore why improving the mental health of your sales team leads to an increase in sales.

Why Improving Mental Health is Critical to Company Success

Before we break down how sales team mental health impacts the sales process, it’s important to understand why improving it is critical to company success. The mental health of your employees is the canary in the coal mine that indicates whether your company will thrive or fail. It’s a leading indicator of business performance that influences productivity, employee retention, and company culture. When there is a problem with one person’s mental health, it has the ability to affect many others as well. Sales team mental health can be improved by reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, and growing emotional intelligence. Doing so leads to an increase in productivity, collaboration, and communication. Furthermore, it boosts retention — which has a direct impact on company profitability.

  • Mental health is important for the success of any company.
  • A mentally healthy workforce is more productive, has more energy and is more creative.
  • Mental health problems can lead to absenteeism, low morale and high staff turnover.
  • A company with a good mental health policy can attract and retain the best employees.

How Sales Team Mental Health Affects Productivity

The greatest impact on productivity from sales team mental health comes from reduced absenteeism. When employees are mentally healthy, they are less likely to call in sick. When it comes to sick time, sales teams are by far the worst offenders. According to a study by ADP, sales teams take more than twice as many sick days as the average office worker. This can be attributed to a few factors. First, sales employees are frequently in contact with clients and customers, who are easily able to spread disease. Second, the fact that sales employees are on the road often means they’re exposed to more germs and bacteria. Sales teams also have higher stress levels than other departments — and high stress often leads to exhaustion and burnout. Overworked and over-stressed employees are much more likely to be out on sick leave. Sales team mental health can improve productivity by reducing stress and burnout. It also can boost employee retention, which in turn increases productivity.

  • Fewer health-related absences
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Improved decision-making
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Greater resilience in the face of stress

Why Improving Mental Health Leads to Greater Collaboration

While the productivity-related benefits of improving sales team mental health are significant, the greatest impacts are felt in collaboration. A healthy sales team is a collaborative team. They communicate, share ideas, and support each other. Conversely, a team plagued by anxiety and depression is a closed-off, unproductive team. When your team members feel supported, cared for, and respected, it becomes easier to collaborate with them. This will help you get better results and make it easier to scale your business. Collaboration is critical to sales and strategy development. Ideas and insights from one team member can save an entire team time and effort. Sales teams are often comprised of individuals with different strengths. When these team members feel supported, they’re more open to sharing their strengths with each other. This results in a wider range of skills and abilities being applied to each task — which leads to better results for the team as a whole.

The Importance of Communication During the sales process

Communication is the backbone of the sales process. It exists at every phase of the journey and is the key to building relationships with customers. When sales teams are more mentally healthy and their communication skills are stronger, they’re able to build stronger relationships with their customers — which results in more sales. Increasing the mental health of your team members also makes it easier to scale sales efforts. When team members are better equipped to communicate, it’s easier to onboard new members. This reduces turnover and increases productivity. When team members are more mentally healthy, communication becomes easier and more natural. This leads to less time being spent on misunderstandings and miscommunications. When communication is smoother, the sales process becomes easier — and the result is more sales.

Sales Process Improvements due to better mental health

By improving the mental health of your sales team, you can make a number of improvements to the sales process. These include: – The creation of more effective sales pitches. – The ability to conduct more effective sales calls. – More accurate forecasting, resulting in reduced missed revenue. – The ability to close more deals. – The ability to respond to customer concerns more quickly and effectively. These improvements are made possible by a sales team that is better equipped to adapt and respond to change. A sales team that is more mentally healthy is able to respond to customer needs and wants more quickly. They’re also able to respond to change within the sales process itself. When sales team members are more mentally healthy, they have better decision-making abilities. This allows them to make better choices within the sales process. This leads to better sales outcomes.


When sales team mental health is improved, it leads to improved communication, collaboration, and productivity. It also leads to better sales outcomes. The sales process is made much easier when team members are better equipped to respond to change. This makes sales forecasting more accurate, deals easier to close, and customer concerns easier to handle. It also makes onboarding new members easier. All of these improvements are critical to the success of any sales team. The impact of sales team mental health on the sales process is real and significant.

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